Member Benefits

These are the major benefits we are aiming to offer coaches who take out full membership.  We are of course happy to provide other services that members want.  Just let us know and we will endeavour to fulfil them.

  1. Providing advice on complaint representation
  2. Providing a unified voice to the NGB and Home Countries’ GB’s on coaching matters
  3. Providing event specific technical information for coaches
  4. To run event and event group specific courses for coaches
  5. To run general courses for coaches (e..g strength training, nutrition, physiology etc.)
  6. Providing access to senior coaches for advice
  7. Providing an web based resource centre
  8. Providing links to specialist advice in related support areas
  9. Providing information on NGB courses for coaches
  10. Providing sponsorship information for coaches and their athletes
  11. Providing extended insurance cover for coaches to work outside athletics
  12. Setting basic hourly pay levels for coaches’ work
  13. Providing warm weather training information and links to a travel company
  14. Providing preferential personal medical insurance
  15. Providing links to a promotions company
  16. Providing media links
  17. Providing Association clothing at preferential rates