Article 1

The association shall be called ‘The British Athletics Coaches Association’ (The Association).

Article 2

Aims & Objectives

 1)        To support and represent the interests of Members (as defined in Article 3) by providing advice, support and any assistance or service falling within the Memoranda and Articles of The Association, and to act as a channel of communication between the Members and the National, Home Country, Regional and all other Associations of The Sport.

 2)         To disseminate knowledge, Information and experience of athletics and related matters, amongst Members nation-wide.

 3)         To operate in harmony with the UK Athletics and relevant organisations whilst retaining that independence of status necessary in representing the interests of Members and the position of the Association on issues in athletics.

 4)        To contribute to and benefit from the network of National Associations of Athletics Coaches within the family of the European Athletics Coaches Association (EACA), to support where appropriate the work and programme of the EACA, and to be the communication channel between Members of the Association and the EACA.

 5)        To be a channel of communication between the Members and the International Amateur Athletics Federation in relation to coaching matters, working in conjunction with UKA where possible.

 6)        To produce regular communications to Members conveying relevant material to the role of the Association.

Article 3


 1)          Membership shall be open to all UK athletics coaches who hold at least a minimum UK Athletics coaching qualification or its equivalent, and be currently licensed and holding full DBS certification.

 2)         Honorary Life Membership can be awarded by the Annual General Meeting to athletics coaches who are deemed to have made a significant contribution to either the Association or Athletics in general.  Such Honorary Members shall have no voting rights.

 3)         Associate Membership can be accepted from those persons coaching athletics outside  the UK or coaching in other sports in or outside the UK, with the relevant national qualifications.  Also those involved in athletics or sport coaching at any level who are deemed to be contributing to coaching but are not qualified under 3.1.  Such Associate Members shall have no voting rights.  All membership is subject to approval by the Association whose decision is final.

 4)        Members with the exception of Honorary Members shall pay an annual subscription agreed from  time to time by the Association.  Membership shall cease automatically if the subscription remains unpaid for a period of two months.   A Member may vote in elections, and at   General Meetings only when his/her annual subscription is up to date.

 5)        Membership may be terminated at any time should a Member bring the Association into  disrepute as deemed by a simple majority vote at the Management Committee, Special General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting.  In such a case the Member in question shall be able to put his/her case to the relevant committee or meeting prior to the final decision being taken.

 6)        On dissolution of the Association any funds from directed sponsorships or grants shall be returned to the sponsor, grant giving body or their agents, and any remaining general assets, or the monies derived from their sale, shall be shared equally among the Members as at that date.

 Article 4


All business of the Association may be conducted on-line.


a)       The Executive Officers of the Association shall be:

                                    i]          The Chairman

                                    ii]         The General Secretary

                                    iii]        The Treasurer

b)        These Officers shall be elected after the foundation period of two years until which time the Founding Members (4(a)) shall fulfil these roles.  Election of the Executive Officers shall be nominated from the UK membership, and elected and confirmed at the AGM.  These Officers shall be responsible for the day to day running of the association.  Their time and that of other organisers/benefactors/fund-raisers to the Association can be remunerated at a level agreed by the Association Executive and subject to UK Taxation legislation.

c)         In addition to the above, a non-executive officer in the form of a President who shall be an honoured and experienced person from within the sport of Athletics, shall be elected.

d)        All remunerations shall be unanimously determined and agreed by the executive committee.


a] The Annual General Meeting consisting of all Members and Honorary Members shall be the ultimate ruling body in the Association.

b] The AGM shall be held within six calendar months of the end of the financial year.

c] All Members may vote.

d] The business of the AGM shall be:

            i]          To receive and accept the Annual report from the General Secretary

            ii]         To receive and accept the Accounts of the Association

            iii]        To elect the President of the Association

            iv]        To elect the Executive Officers

            v]         To elect the Auditors of the Association

           vi]        To elect the Returning Officer

           vii]       To set the rate for annual subscription

           viii]      To consider and vote on any competent business on the agenda

e] The agenda of the AGM shall be finalised forty days prior to the meeting.

f] Final notice of the AGM containing the full agenda and details of all competent business shall be communicated to all Members not less than thirty days prior to the meeting.

g] Each Member shall have one vote.

h] All votes taken with the exception of that detailed below in paragraph (l), shall be by simple majority of those Members present. 

i]  Proposals that change the constitution shall require 66% majority of 51% or more of the Membership.

j] Votes shall be by a show of hands or online signification.

k] Every Member and Honorary Member shall have the right to speak on any agenda item.

l] The Executive Officers and the President  must be nominated by  a Member or Honorary Member (Proposer) at least six weeks prior to the AGM.

m] The Executive Officers shall be elected for a minimum period of two years, and the President for a fixed term of three years. 


a] An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Executive Officers or fifteen Members, the request for which must be with the General Secretary sixty days prior to the proposed date of the meeting. 

b] Thirty days notice of the meeting, including details of the agenda must be given to the Members.

c] The only business for such a meeting shall be specific proposals presented by those calling the meeting, that have been agreed as acceptable within the constitution.

d] Voting procedures shall be as for the Annual General Meeting. 


a] The management of the Association shall be the responsibility of the Executive Officers sitting as the Executive Committee.  Until otherwise mutually agreed a representatives appointed by the British Athletic Charitable Trust (or its  successor), shall have the right to sit on the Executive Committee.   All shall have full voting powers with the Chairman having the deciding vote. 

b] Executive Committee shall meet at least four times per financial year.

c] Executive Committee will put into practice the policy laid down within the Constitution and by the AGM.

d] The Chairman of the Association shall chair all Executive Committee meetings.  In his absence the Executive Committee shall elect its own Chairman.

e] The President shall have the right to sit on the Executive Committee, but shall have no voting rights.

f] The Executive Committee shall be quorate when three members are in attendance.

g] The day to day business of the Association shall be conducted by the Executive Officers.

h] Any Officer unable to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee may by way of written notice to the General Secretary prior to the meeting, nominate a deputy who shall also be an eligible Member and shall carry his or her vote at that meeting. This nomination must be notified in writing to the General Secretary within 24 hours of the appointed time of the meeting.

i] No Professional Coaching, Performance or Development personnel under the employ of the UKA or equivalent UK NGB, shall be eligible to be elected as Executive Officers of the Association. 

Article 5

 Founding and Interim Arrangements

 1)        The formation of the Association shall be conducted by three qualified Members under the Constitution, and called the Founder Members.  These are Mike Winch, Alexander Starr,  Judy Oakes O.B.E. and Sarah Hewitt.

2)         The first Annual General Meeting shall be held as close to two years after formation of the Association as is practical  as deemed by the Executive Committee.

3)         Prior to the first AGM the management of the Association shall be in the hands of the Founder Members and any such agreed (by the Founding Members) parties who have an interest in its formation, who shall take the necessary steps to form the Association, establish Honorary Memberships and set up the administration of the Association.