Indoor competition results

Well done to all those coaches who worked with athletes who competed in the National Indoor Championships in Birmingham.  Some great results and certainly there are  indications of similar excellent results to come in both track and field in the World Indoor Championships.  With a long Championship year ahead we may well be in for

What If ? By kelvin Giles – Feb 2022

Kelvin Giles has forwarded this extensive set of ideas for coaches and coach administrators to peruse.  It ranges over many topics and presents ideas that we should all be pondering.  As kelvin says “It has acted as a framework for our ongoing discussions and general brainstorming on Coaching and Coach Development”. Take your time and

UKA Coaching email……

THIS IS A LONG EMAIL ! News from the UKA coach education team JANUARY- MARCH 2022 Below are bullet point updates on recent activity by the coach education and development team. Further detail about these can be found further down the newsletter or by contacting the coach education team here. – UKA Development twitter communication

Updated Web-site – BACA.UK.NET

We now have the new website name (URL) in action.  It is BACA.UK.NET.  You can still access the site via uktfca.com as well. We are now looking for content so send something in to info@uktfca.com for inclusion.  News, views and articles all needed !!

Suggested Fee Structure for Coaching.

Suggested fee structure for coaching. The next and long overdue stage in coach progress in the UK is to set and charge levels of remuneration that should be charged for coaching services.  All support staff charge athletes for their services and coaches have been remiss in not doing so.  Despite the fact that coaching may

Back in Action !

The website has been revamped after our name change to the British Athletics Coaches Association or BACA for short. We have updated several sections, chased down as many changes of reference that we can (maybe a few to go), and started introducing some admin changes to the Association to ensure its smooth running. We have

New Title For The Association

After discussions and some further consultation, we have decided to change the title of the Association to reflect the new inclusion of coaches of the ‘Off Track’ disciplines.  This group of experts is a vital and integral part of athletics and it is only right that our Association reflects this.  The new title is going

Sports Medicine Newspaper

    SPORTS MEDICINE NEWSPAPER “The Sport Group” is an innovative and modern partner in the field of Sports Medicine. The Team has been working in a focused and efficient manner in sports medicine communication since 2004. In addition to the publication of specialist media (print & online), their focus is on medical education. They have been

NEW Running Shoe Rules for 2022

New regulations to replace Technical Rule 5 relating to athletic shoes, and its transitional provisions, which expire on 31 December 2021, were approved by Council yesterday. The new rules and regulations will be in place from 1 January 2022. The amendments include: The deletion of the transitional provisions inserted in 2020 and 2021, leaving just

EACA Coaches’ Charter

This is (below) the Coaches’ Charter of the EACA.  It covers our needs, rights and obligations in a very concise and understandable way.  UKTFCA is committed to helping UK coaches work within the sustainable and protective environment which the Charter defines. EACA Coaches’ Charter It is agreed that the role and value of the coach