Suggested Fee Structure for Coaching.

Suggested fee structure for coaching.

The next and long overdue stage in coach progress in the UK is to set and charge levels of remuneration that should be charged for coaching services.  All support staff charge athletes for their services and coaches have been remiss in not doing so.  Despite the fact that coaching may not be the main job, at any level, coaching should and must be professional.  Volunteer coaches are not only doing themselves a huge dis-service but also not helping our sport to move into the 21st century.  BACA will of course never tell coaches what to do, rather advise them on the path to satisfaction and the status they so richly deserve

Guidelines for individual, group and club coaching are laid out on the website ‘Suggested Fees for Coaching’ page.  These are what may rightly be expected from participants for the services provided at the various levels of our work, the ‘rate for the job’

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